Building a Website

Building a website requires three steps starting with choosing a platform to host your website. There are numerous content management systems (CMS) to choose from but selecting the right platform is critical. This is because some platforms require you to have knowledge of HTML or CSS as well as other coding languages. Therefore, you should choose a platform based on your website building ability. There are three top content management platforms that host most of the world’s websites; Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. WordPress is ideal for first-time website builders while Joomla is better for people with knowledge of the aforementioned coding languages.

Customise Your Website

Regardless of the nature of your online business or your web design preferences, CMS platforms will always have a template for you. All templates are packed with great website features and are mainly classified into categories like online stores, designs, photography, business and music among others. However, all templates are fully customisable and offer the same core features, meaning that you can choose any website creation template and alter it to ensure that it represents your taste, preferences and online business agenda. Templates are offered as starting points especially for novice website creators who may not know how to add web sections or pages.

Add Content to Your Website

Great web content is an important part of any website because it defines what your website represents. Quality articles, videos and images on your website explain who you are, what the website focuses on and what you do. As such, the content should be clear and precise in order to bring out your personality and website agenda. For instance, the website’s homepage should explain basics like what you or your company focuses on and what visitors can expect, both from your company and from the website. The About page should tell your story as well as define your mission, vision and values in detail.

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